About Us

We are a group of Berlin-based persons who frequently spend time in Calais, a city in North France on the border to the UK and who somehow affiliate as part of the Calais Migrant Solidarity network. For more background information and recent updates about the situation there you can visit the main page of Calais Migrant Solidarity.

In Berlin we meet once a month and are currently organizing the following activities:

  • Organizing regular info-evenings on the situation in Calais
  • Offering ‘trainings’ for activists interested in going to Calais for the first time
  • Writing info-material (e.g. a guide to seeking asylum in various EU countries, a personal zine about the complexities of working against racist and gender-based oppression at the same time)
  • Maintaining a network among Berlin-based people active in Calais so we can more effectively plan actions and visits there
  • Introducing people we met in Calais, who then decide to come to Berlin, to local support possibilities
  • Trying to improve our trauma support practices, since spending time in Calais can often be a bit overwhelming
  • Gathering supplies and fundraising

If you’d like to get in touch you can write to us at: cms.berlin@riseup.net

[PGP coming soon…]

You can also just show up at one of our info-events and talk to us.